Are Subscription Wine Clubs Really Worth It?

Most wine connoisseurs know about wine clubs. In fact, you’ve probably come across advertising before from wine clubs with excellent new member offers. The biggest concern most people have is that once you join, the good deals and great offers will become less available. Is it just a gimmick to get you to subscribe? Below are a few key callouts regarding the benefits of joining a wine club and if wine clubs are worth the monthly fees you’ll pay.

1. Club Members Receive Exclusive Wine Discounts

How does joining a wine club or wine subscription service save you money? They do this by offering members exclusive pricing on wines that you wouldn’t likely find in your local supermarket, free delivery, and free access to wine tastings . If you are a frequent wine consumer and love a great wine, then joining a wine club is really worth the price of membership. Club members can save up to 50% on exclusive wines by purchasing through a wine club.

2. Wine Clubs Can Save You Time

Once you subscribe, you’ll receive home wine delivery each month as part of your membership, you will save a ton of time from having to go to the local wine store or supermarket. I think all wine lovers would agree, we all love to walk the wine aisles, but the problem is having to carry the wine home and find time each month to make that trip. There is definitely something very special about coming home from work to a box of wine delivered directly to your doorstep.

3. You’ll Discover New Wines That YOu Wouldn’t Typically Find Elsewhere

Most wine clubs have their own in-house sommelier who will pick the wine for you based on your preferences. This also reduces the stress and worry about the decision making process. Many people find they can get caught buying the same wines over-and-over again, and they end up purchasing the same Rioja or Sauvignon Blanc and not venturing out of their comfort zone. There are over 11,000 grape varieties out there, and you can really enhance your experience and your overall wine repertoire. Joining a wine club can force you to try new varietals and help you discover some fantastic new wines.

4. Wine Clubs Offer a Ton of Flexibility

Wine clubs offer a number of monthly subscription options. You can select the number of bottles you want and the timing of each wine shipment. The best wine clubs are those which don’t require you to be purchasing wine each month - you don’t want to be sent 12 bottles a month and have nowhere to store the wine. Make sure you look for wine clubs that allow you to temporarily stop or cancel with no additional fees.

5. Gain From Your Loyalty & Receive Rewards

Wine clubs often have membership loyalty and reward offers. These offers work by awarding you points or credit each time you make a wine purchase. This is one of the most popular benefits to joining a wine club. The wine club points must remain valid for 12 months to your account for you to truly take advantage of the benefits.

It’s our opinion that you need to really take a hard look at your wine consumption and see if it suits the terms of the wine club. The main things to look out for are the monthly obligation to purchase wines, if the company has a large variety of ‘hard to find’ wines and if their prices are less than your local store. Cheers!

Many wine drinker enthusiasts try an assortment of wine varieties until finding a few that they enjoy. If you like to taste new wines and explore wines from around the world, you might want to consider a wine club or wine subscription boxes service. There are dozens of services available, but these are a few of our favorites.

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